Ted Lauterbach is a Madison, WI based game developer specializing in short development-period, experimental prototype games. He's created 12+ games for competitions and Game Jams, several of which have ranked and won honors.
All games listed on the site have been made with GameMaker and will run on most PCs.

Email: ted.lauterbach@gmail.com


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Search a land lost in time and space to extract your revenge on Fetus, the evil entity responsible for placing you there. Several mind bending puzzles await you in the creepy and borderline nonsensical land of the "Abyss." Fetus won third place in GameJoltís Minimal competition and was developed over the course of four days.


Super Space Rogues

Enter a procedurally generated space adventure in search of $50,000 to pay off your debt to a maniacalspace overlord. Features include an open pair of solar systems used to find minerals, fight pirates, and buy upgrades to keep you alive! Super Space Rogues was created for GameJoltís Rogue Competition in a little under two weeks and was inspired by several space related themes and games. Exclusive music was also developed by Heatex.


Vatn Squid

Vatn Squid is a Boss Rush Bullet Hell featuring ten marine animals to defeat. It was made in a 48 hour time period for GameJolt's Weekend Jam, an event specifically for the community to collaborate and finish games. My teammates were Heatex and Icewave. Heatex contributed music to Super Space Rogues as well as Vatn Squid. He also co-developed the concept and provided spot on input to the gameplay. IceWave made his game spriting debut by contributing the Vatn (the final boss) as well as some assistance with the art direction. Vatn Squid is also compatible with XBOX360 Controllers, and I'd personally recommend that you use one (it's a BLAST!).


Visit II

Travel across a lush landscape while solving increasingly complex puzzles. Possibly one of my most innovative games, it blends cooperative character tricks with head scratchingly-good colored block pushing. It was developed for YoYoGameís Competition03, and received Second Place among three-hundred competing entries.



Journey down a strange cave while an even stranger entity named "Evil" taunts you along the way. Descent is an extremely hard precision platforming experience designed to cause you distress and anger while you use double jumps and cliff grabbing to make your escape. Descent was not designed for any competitions, but did receive a mention as one of the Top 20 Freeware Platforming Games of 2009 by the Indiegames Weblog.


Thunder Gun

Thunder Gun is a hectic and fast paced platformmer action game where you must use precise shots to chain lightning strikes off of enemies. But prepare yourself! Rain restricts the use of your thunder weapon, and you must continue to eliminate hundreds of enemies. Thunder Gun features trophies achievable through GameJoltís Trophy System when you are logged into the game using your Username and UserToken from their site. The game was also originally developed in less than a week for GameJoltís Shocking Competition.



Mind Shock is a mathematically drawn game featuring large bosses and an upbeat soundtrack, where you enter the mind of a scientist seeking the formula to cold fusion within an incapacitated colleague. It was originally developed for YoYoGame's Competition04, which had a theme of "Save The Planet."