Posted on: December 28th, 2010 by tlauterbach 15 Comments

suteF has been released on Game Jolt! Within an hour, suteF has already been featured through Game Jolt as well as The Indie Games Blog!

Go to the suteF game page and download it now!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, just something to be aware of (Slight somewhat spoilers I guess kinda past this point, don’t read if you haven’t finished the game yet): On the endgame screen, if you walk off the edge instead of… well, yeah, then the character just loops forever, and R doesn’t work.

  2. JoeHonkie says:

    Painful bug: Sometimes on Void Rim V, you leg is broken, making the level impossible. Various people have found ways to fix it (multiple restarts, beat B again, etc.) but none of those work in my game, so I’m SOL there.

    Otherwise really awesome game.

  3. cevgar says:

    Awesome, awesome game. Best game I’ve played this year! Ok, weak New Years joke aside, I have two questions. Well, the first isn’t so much of a question but a bug note. If you invert gravity in the room that connects to Void Rim 6 you will be locked into an infinite death loop, which requires killing the game and then restarting the whole channel from the beginning (HA, no spoilers!).

    Second question: After you get all the Void Rim level lights lit up… then what? CH E/Void is still blanked out as a location, and the ending appears unchanged. Am I missing something?

  4. Zoriax says:

    ………..On one side, this game ROCKS.
    It’s haunting. It’s challenging. It’s well tought.


    On the other side, the ending…

    W e h a t e y o u F e t u s .

  5. Wojtek says:

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but I can’t jump in stage called ‘Shaft” (chapter D). I’ve seen on YouTube that jumping in this level is allowed ( ), but i can only walk left and right and use grappling hook. Jumping is disabled for me. Anybody knows, why?

    I have the most recent version downloaded from

  6. Wojtek says:

    Hi! I’ve got some problem. I can’t pass stage called ‘Shaft’ (chapter D), because i can’t jump. I’ve seen the video-solution on YouTube. It shows, that in this level jumping is enabled and is necessary to finish stage. But for me jumping is disabled. I can only walk left and right and use the the grappling hook.

    Can anybody help me?

  7. RadicalR says:

    I came across this game thanks to Indie Games Blog. I really like the thought that went into this game and hope that you would continue developing it. (Namely the bugs that have been mentioned above. But also, the concept of it really draws me in.

  8. HarrisonJK says:

    Very nice game! Great atmosphere especially.

  9. BLUmi says:

    thanks a lot for this great game – it’s got the very right mixture between 8-Bit ambiente, athmosphere and interesting puzzles – one more voter for CHAPTER-E

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  11. nassos says:

    Thank you for this amazing game. Words cannot express how much i love it (even though i haven’t finished it yet)
    Up there with Braid, as far as i am concerned :)
    BTW you should setup a donation link,
    because i would like to contribute.
    cheers ;)

  12. Kein says:

    Bugged as hell, I can’t jump lol.

  13. HerrSchmidt says:

    Actually it isn’t bugged. You lose the ability to jump based on your choice in decisions I think.

  14. HerrSchmidt says:

    Or was it called “Choices” the one where one of you must suicide to let the other pass.

  15. Kein says:

    >> Actually it isn’t bugged. You lose the ability to jump
    >> based on your choice in decisions I think.

    Played Void Rim 5 for a while, then decided finish the game and see the 1st (bad) ending. Now I’m trying to finish all the voids and I CAN’T JUMP. If I delete the savegames it works just fine.

    Also, gamepad does not work too, I can configure and retest it just fine, but in the game it’s irresponsible.

    No need to tell me “it’s ok, it’s planned”.
    Bugs galore.