Part of what is so fun about game development is being able to share stories and opinions with other game developers. It's only natural that when you love your vocation that you end up talking about some of it.

Enter the good man Isaac Goodin (also known as @ilgoodi on Twitter) of Clockwork Giant. There have been so many occasions where we've talked for hours about all of the trends and other things annoying us within the state of indie games and game development in general that it would be a crime NOT to record some of them.

Since this is our first crack at it, we're doing some analytics and are taking suggestions! Right now, I'll be posting a link to the episodes page ( instead of posting in the blog. In the future, I want to do 'both,' but for now:

Take a listen to the first episode here!

There are a LOT of topics we went over/mentioned, including but not limited to:

Cards Against Humanity, Table-Top Deathmatch, Quality Assurance, Bug Fixing, Releases, Marketing, Steam Early Access, No Man's Sky, Aaron San Filippo, Jon Blow, Amnesia: Machine For Pigs, Planetary Annihilation, The Witness, Braid, Chapter E, Descent, Mobile Development, Day-One Sales, Pirate Bay Bundle (cc @moshboy), Super Meat Boy, Kickstarter, Minecraft, Alpha Funding, Bignik, Tim Shafer, Broken Age: Act 1, Day Z, Team Fortress 2

Let us know what you think, and let us know if there's neat stuff you want us to talk about! @rotten_tater & @ilgoodi