(This article is a compilation of posts from the official suteF website)

Go to the suteF game page and download it now!

Almost month after suteF's release, it's already received over 17,000 plays! Thank you so much everyone for giving it a play!

Along with the huge community response (it's collectively been decided that 'Void Rim VII' is the official Satan level of suteF >:]), suteF has also gotten a huge buzz around the internet with news sites. Here's a number of them:

Freeware Game Pick: suteF (Ted Lauterbach) from IndieGames.com

Game Jolt: New Featured Game : suteF from GameJolt.com

You Don't Belong in This World : suteF from DIYGamer.com

Weekend Download from JayIsGames.com

A Horrifically Wonderful Puzzle Platformer from Switched.com

Want to play a cool indie puzzle game? from ShogunGamer.com

A Raw Steak is Fighting for the Love from Spiegel.de

Feature: Top Freeware Puzzle Games 2010 from IndieGames.com

suteF Review from TIGSource.com

Hell is Other People, but Also Yourself from Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The feature I'm especially proud of is the consideration of suteF as the NUMBER ONE puzzle game of 2010 from The Indiegames Blog. It is quite an honor to receive such a title with a game released 3 days before 2010 was over. A GREAT honor.

Once again, thanks to everyone for giving suteF a play! You have no idea how awesome this has been!

(Picture / Mine Craft sculpture courtesy of Zack Banack)