Obligatory Not Dead Post

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Yeah. Not dead. You get it now.
Things you may have missed:

Chawp! was a project that I and Brian &#39brod&#39 Rodriguez made for Game Jolt&#39s Second Game Jam. It involves what the title calls &#39chawping.&#39 It is hard, it is fun, and it is pretty unique. Other people who were involved in the game were Matt &#39scoz&#39 Scorah (SFX) and Ashley Gwinnell (Music). I may do some sort of postmortem for it here in the future.

Meet Computer Bear. He is one of several new characters that are making their appearance in my follow up to Fetus, suteF. Not much information is available now, but I will tell you that he is the one responsible for building the TVs that teleport you around, and he can be considered a &#39gatekeeper&#39 like character that introduces you to the type of world you&#39re going to encounter.

Visit3&#39s progress has nearly slowed to a halt so that I can finish suteF. However, I&#39ve placed some of the work for Visit3 in the very competent hands of David Mann, a local programmer. So far, I&#39ve introduced the game to him (and by introduce, I mean it threw the entire source at him and he gets to be dumbfounded by my terrible-looking code), and we&#39re in the process of working out the kinks of making Visit3 run on Xbox. The game has no content at the moment.

suteF will NOT be finished for YoYoGames Competition06. This is happening for a number of reasons; I really feel that suteF needs to be “done when it&#39s done” because it has grown into a game that simply requires further gameplay exploration. At the moment, its potential has exceeded anything I had ever conceived when I initially designed it. But...

...suteF is going to be done in time to make the IGF deadline. :]


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