Crime Reaper

Crime Reaper

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Welcome to your newest gig — solving murders in the Afterlife for Mx. Death, the grimmest of reapers!

The Afterlife is filled with nefarious deities who tirelessly make humans kill each other in the world of the living. Your job is to catch them using the clues left behind to arrange the Weapons, Motivations, and Locations that were present at the time of death.

Crime Reaper takes the intrigue of murder mystery logic puzzles, like Cluedo and Inspector Parker, and combines it with the ingenuity and simplicity of Sudoku. There are over 16,000 possible murder scenarios that can occur and likely millions of different puzzle variations. To top it off, there are 14 different criminals to catch in Career mode with plenty of hijinks for you and Mx. Death to experience.


Terra LauterbachDesign, Programming, Art
Autumn BeauchesneProduction, Tools, Sound, Additional Programming
Susan SloanCopy Editor, Beta Testing
Isaac Goodin
Jo Goodin
Eric Stanley
A Cat
Beta Testing


"Cylinder 4" by Chris Zabriskielicensed under CC BY 3.0
"Imminence" by Kai Engellicensed under CC BY 4.0
"Smoldering" by Kai Engellicensed under CC BY 4.0
"Fog" by Sergey Cheremisinovlicensed under CC BY 4.0
"Mx. Jazz" by Terra Lauterbach© 2021 Potato Interactive, LLC


"Yantramanav" by Erin McLaughlinlicensed under Open Font License
"Crime Reaper Sans" by Terra Lauterbach© 2021 Potato Interactive, LLC