Midwest Gaming Awesome

The Midwest Game Fair in Green Bay was a great success! Super Space Rogues received top honors as the Best of Show recipient at the event, and I won a speed concept art competition with the drawing above. (The theme was 'Worst Day Ever')

The game fair had less attendees this year, however, but I felt that the local game industry's representatives were great. The three professionals present were from Frozen Codebase, a small game company based in Green Bay that specializes in games made for XBLA and other downloadable platforms. Their previous titles include Screwjumper! and Elements of Destruction, and they're currently working on a Metalocolypse game based on the show as well as a game for the upcoming movie Kick Ass. They talked mainly about the state of the professional games industry, making rapid prototypes, and how to get jobs in the professional sector. The discussions felt nicely refreshing too (although 'how to get a job in the industry' stuff is always at these things, it was entertaining).

I also had the pleasure of attending the Midwest Gaming Classic on Saturday, a huge event based in Milwaukee that celebrated the love of everything games: arcade cabinets, old consoles, and even pinball. It was one of the greatest times I've ever had as well as one of the most inspiring. Later this week, I'm going to update with a more in-depth review of the events that were held (including the spoils I scored and my new-found appreciation of pinball!)