Midwest Game Fair & Play Expo

ITT Tech Green Bay is hosting the 2010 Midwest Game Fair, and four of my games (Fetus, Vatn Squid, Thunder Gun, and Super Space Rogues) have been accepted as entries. The scheduled date of the event is this Sunday (March 28th), and it gives student game development programs across Wisconsin the chance to not only compete with their work, but also make connections with local game development professionals. Last year, I had the honor of receiving the Best of Show award for Mind Shock; Visit II and Descent surely weighed in as heavy support too.

This year also marks my first appearance as an entrant for the University of Whitewater's Play Expo, where the same four games have also been accepted. The 3rd annual Play Expo takes place on April 3rd; I first attended the event in 2008, (while I was still developing the original Visit game) and it was there that first I expanded my fervor to develop and create games like a madman.

After these two events, it will essentially mark the end of my 'awards season' series of endeavors for the beginning of the year. There'll be plenty to work for as the year goes on. Look forward to more information on the results of the competitions.