Starting Up

After a half week of recovery from GDC insanity, I got together with a couple of guys who were interested in working with me on Visit III. Aaron Hoffman, an amazing programmer currently acting as project manager for the Heatbees' game Existence, was very interested in helping me out. He's been working with XNA on and off since it was 2.0, and he's definitely added an edge to Visit III's development. So far, we've begun talk on a development outline as well as crafting a clever World Editor; this means I'll release some details on both as we get them going strong.

The site's been up for a couple of weeks now too, and I've gotten some questions on RSS feeds to the blog. People were wondering where to subscribe, and that's the fun part. Currently, the blog is being displayed via my Blogger account (through some craftily awesome stuff my sister did). [1] A feed is available at this link, but the main blog that it is attached to is nowhere near as pretty as the main site. In the future, comments will be accessible through the main site, and permalinks can be made to posts on the main site (as opposed to the blogger account).

I want to let everyone reading know that I'm going to be posting at least once a week with updates on our development, or update with interesting links that I've found pertaining to game development or indie games in general.

[1]: You can access the RSS feed in the modern iteration of the site here: