suteF: Release Date Announced

suteF should hit the internet in its done form on December 28th. If you're not, you should be following the suteF Twitter, suteF Facebook Page, where I update a lot more regularly, and you can get the link the second it hits.

So, I have some explaining to do.

The last two months of development on suteF have been fairly lackluster. I have been completely burnt out after the IGF rush, and I haven't exactly been very good at keeping the hype alive on my work. The result that is coming out on the 28th is mostly a bug fixed version of the IGF submission, and won't include Chapter E. I'm leaving it out because I'm not sure how much it would add to the overall game, and if it's a secret chapter, how many people are going to be able to get to it anyway?

If suteF does a lot better than I expect it to, then I might consider releasing a special edition and add Chapter E. This doesn't seem very likely because of my 'marketing' shortfalls, so don't get your hopes up too high.

suteF has been a very difficult project to pitch to people to play for free, so I'm banking on the fact that the mysteries surrounding it also attract newcomers. This is why I'm likely NOT going release the story for the game either, or if I do, it will be fairly enigmatic and convoluted much like the original's.

After discussing this with friends, playtesters, and complete strangers; people's own stories that they invent for suteF are much more fantastic than anything I, a professional writer, or anybody, could ever make. suteF is definitely a passion project. I've made everything exactly the way I wanted, and very likely at the expense good design (design meaning the profoundness of the end product, mind you). suteF is a game that is so personal, I'm not even quite sure where all of it came from.

If you're still a dedicated fan, you'll tell people about suteF. I want people to gobble it up on the 28th, even though that might be a really weird day (that likely will get it ignored by the 'game of the year' type stuff coming out over the next few weeks). Post it, tweet it, love it, review it. I'm going to do all I can to make up for my shortfalls, and I know I'm asking a lot.

But thank you so much for listening! It's almost here!