As work on Thunder Gun: Revenge of the Mutants nears Beta, I thought it would be cool to assemble all of the newest TG:RotM videos in one place!

I made this first video for my [IndieCade]( [submission](, since they recommended you have a video to help judges understand your game. It also ended up being a pretty good gameplay video that shows a lot of the new features in *TG:RotM,* such as the Sub-Machine Gun's unique "streak only breaks on taking damage," streak saves, extra mutant states, 5-Minute Mode, changing Health Pack spawn rates, and more! While working on the Silo map, I wanted to do a time lapse to show how much of a pain in the butt it is to actually make these maps (a reason why there will only be 2 maps at release). There's a hint to a secret in there if you're observant. ;) The oldest of the three, this video shows the delicate dance that is fighting two of the powerful Fat Mutant Cat-o-Ninetails at the same time. The scoring presented here has since been refined.

If you also couldn't tell, I'm going to be referring to the "New Thunder Gun" as Thunder Gun: Revenge of the Mutants or TG:RotM for short. Things are exciting, and I'm hoping to have the game ready for a Beta test in a couple of weeks! Wish me luck! :)