Thunder Gun: Steam Update RELEASED

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Finally, the big STEAM UPDATE (v1.0.3) is here! You can learn more about these changes by reading this blog post that goes more in depth than the changelog.

VERSION 1.0.3 CHANGELOG (SEPT. 22nd 2016)

  • Released on STEAM w/ API Features
    • Achievements
    • Leaderboards
    • Cloud Saves
    • Statistics
  • MAC/OSX App Developer Certification
  • Maps
    • Added KIEV
    • Added TUTORIAL
  • Enemies
    • Added SENTINEL
  • Weapon Balances
    • SMG Reload Time Reduced
    • CATTLE PROD Damage Increased
  • Perk Balances
    • XP EGG Bonus Increased
  • Leveling Balances
    • TIME BONUS Increased
  • User Interface
    • HIT STREAK Text and Positioning Adjusted
    • Potato Interactive LOGO displayed at Intro
    • Prompt to play TUTORIAL
    • Prompt to allow full CONTROLLER support
    • RANDOM icon for Costume/Character Choice as Dice
  • Several Bug Fixes


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